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September 16, 2015



WELCOME TO GARSTON ANIMAL RESCUE. Please read all the info here carefully before contacting us. We are a small independent charity based in South Liverpool. Our house is stuffed to the gills with cats looking for good homes so if you think you might be able to offer a good home to any of the cats, please email us on

This is because we are often unable to get to the phone in a hurry (or sometimes at all!) due to all the work we have to do with having so many animals, and we have been getting many non-urgent calls that take us away from the necessary daily routines we have to do to care for all the animals. These enquiries can usually be better dealt with by email when we have a moment to stop and reply rather than being caught on the hop whilst wearing our rubber gloves and changing litter trays!

If your call is genuinely urgent and can’t be dealt with by email (or you don’t have email access) you can call us on 0151-494-0470 or call Nancy’s mobile 07745 167170. Please be patient as we are not always able to pick up the phone. If you do not get an answer please try again later. Bear in mind that these phones are answered by volunteers who have to try to answer calls as well as fitting in all their other necessary duties at the Rescue.

We receive many calls asking us to take in cats but unfortunately we are currently full up until we rehome the cats we already have and can very rarely take in any others, only in very exceptional circumstances. Overcrowding exposes the cats we have to danger from illness and stress.

Please be aware that we are not a government-funded emergency service, and that if you have found a sick or injured animal then you need to take it to a vet or phone the RSPCA on 0300 1234 999.

If you are interested in homing one of our cats we will conduct an interview with you over the phone to check on the suitability of the home, and later we will visit you for a home check. This is to protect our animals’ safety so please don’t be offended by being asked so many questions. Nothing is more distressing for a cat than to be returned to a Rescue they thought they had escaped because the new home turned out to be unsuitable and the family found they could not cope with the new arrival.

ALL of our cats are neutered before rehoming. We consider it vitally important not to let our cats breed when there are already so many waiting for homes. If any kittens are too young to be neutered at the time of adoption we will arrange for them to be neutered when they are old enough at no cost to the adopter.

All cats adopted from us are also flead, wormed and microchipped. We ask for a minimum donation of £30 to cover the costs of all these important safeguards.

Naturally, we cannot give 100% guarantees that your cat will never develop any health problems after rehoming. We will of course be completely honest in informing you of any health issues that we are aware of at the time of rehoming and will try to offer advice on dealing with any problems that arise later on.

We also have a number of very timid feral cats who would like nothing more than to have a bit of land to play on, away from all these pesky humans who insist on cleaning their rooms every day! We very rarely get offers to take in any of these cats but if you have a bit of space and a secure garden please consider taking one of these to a nicer environment. We find they almost always grow more trusting when they get to know you and realise you’re not out to harm them. They may never sit on your lap but you can still have a rewarding relationship with these cats.

Alternatively, if you are not able to offer a home to any of these, maybe you would consider sponsoring one of our long-term ferals, as the cost of feeding a cat we have little chance to rehome can mount up severely over a period of years. Any donations we receive towards this would be greatly appreciated.

If you are interested in volunteering to give us a hand with the animals we would be very grateful as we are usually short-staffed and there is always so much to do. Please email us at the above address.

You can also support us by donating items to our charity shops at 62 Aigburth Road, Liverpool 17 (0151 727 0515 – open Monday-Saturday 9am-5.30pm) and at 237 Boundary Road, St. Helens (01744 758955). Call in to either shop and find yourself a bargain! Please take all donations to the shop during opening hours and never to the house itself, as we have no space to store anything there and the animals will wet on them. Anything left outside is likely to be ruined by rain. Also, please don’t call round late at night as we have a very early start every day and people coming up the path sets the dogs off!

** VOLUNTEERS NEEDED – reliable conscientious people are desperately needed to help in our busy Liverpool charity shop. We need people who can commit to at least 1 morning or 1 afternoon per week. If you can assist please call Caroline on 07960 640803 or ring the shop on 0151 727 0515 **

Please respect our neighbours
We really appreciate – and need – your support, but it is with great regret that we can no longer have visitors calling here at random. This is because each time someone knocks on our front door, our resident dogs set up a VERY NOISY – AND PROLONGED – BARKING. They’re doing their job and earning their keep very efficiently indeed! Which would be fine if we were not in the middle of a very quiet residential neighbourhood where local people work very hard for a living and deserve their peace and quiet. What has been happening is that very kind supporters have been calling throughout the day and the dogs really go for it – believe me, the noise is off the scale – and we’re terrified that we might have a repeat of the situation we had some years ago when neighbours complained so bitterly to the authorities about the noise, that our existence as a rescue was in grave danger.

So please respect our neighbours and don’t jeopardize our existence as a rescue. I’m sure you don’t want to be the one responsible for us being closed down.

You’re welcome to visit, just from now on you’ll need an appointment – ring or email us and we’ll be happy to sort it out.

Thank you.”


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