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Sheila Harding

January 20, 2015

All of us at Garston Animal Rescue have been profoundly shocked and saddened by the recent tragic death of our friend and colleague Sheila Harding.

Sheila first came to help us, quite by chance, about 20 years ago, and quickly became one of the core people of Garston Animal Rescue.

This followed an incident in which a cat had been knocked over on nearby Aigburth Road in the early hours. A very kind man stopped his car and brought the cat to us and we got him to our vet. When the owner contacted us to claim their cat it was Sheila who came along to support them. She soon became a valuable and trusted volunteer for us, in addition to working full-time.

Sheila was such a special person who knew instinctively how to calm down distressed and frightened animals. Animals who had been traumatised by their ill treatment before rescue. Animals who wouldn’t go to anyone but Sheila as she would speak gently to them.

Apart from this she came in every single Sunday come rain or shine, very early, to help with the feeding and cleaning of all the animals in our care. Petite Sheila wasn’t in the least bit fazed by even the largest of dogs jumping all over with sheer excitement. She’d just speak softly and the dogs would be quiet in an instant, waiting for their treats.

Sheila was very well thought of in the Rescue. On her 70th birthday in September we got together at her celebration meal at the Egg Café . Everyone from the Rescue was there, and it was such a happy evening.

She had a natural love of animals and people, and would regularly step in at short notice to take care of a problem. 99% of the telephone calls we receive are from the public wanting our help to take in an animal. It has only been possible over the 30 years of our history to run this rescue because of people like Sheila.

This makes it so hard to accept that Sheila was knocked down on her way home from working here late on with the animals. But of course, we have to get on, it was what Sheila would have wanted. We can imagine her saying “Come on you lot, there’s animals to be seen to, no good sitting round moping”.

Sheila has sadly left behind her wonderful husband Eddy (who has helped us out with so many jobs here, and still recovering from the same crash which took Sheila from us), her dear sister Pauline and family, as well as her many friends from the Rescue, the local area, St Austin’s Church, United Biscuits, the local quiz night, not to mention ‘her boys’ that is, her much-loved rescue cats Frankie and Homer. We are proud to have known her.

Our thoughts go out to her husband Eddy and family at this very sad time.


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  1. Dorothy permalink

    Hi Nancy, Very sad news. Thanks for describing Sheila and writing this incredible tribute. I would like to make a donation in acknowledgement of Sheila and Edd’s outstanding efforts and relationships at the centre. Can you contact me to let me know most useful way to do this.

  2. Nancy permalink

    Thank you Dorothy for your kind words at this very painful time. We are more than grateful for any donation made in memory of Sheila, as we know that this is exactly what she would have wanted. Sheila saw at first hand the desperate plight of the animals coming in to our very modest rescue which struggles against all odds to help abandoned and abused animals.

  3. Nancy permalink

    Sorry Dorothy, I meant to say you can just either send us a cheque made payable to Garston Animal Rescue. Post to Garston Animal Rescue, PO Box 233, Liverpool L69 7LF, or, ask your own bank to simply transfer whatever sum you want to donate to us. Your bank would make whatever payment you have decided on direct to our bank account – and this is with the Co-operative Bank, Account No 50212068, Sort Code 08-90-86, Account Name Garston Animal Rescue. If you do this, please let me know so I know that is in memory of Sheila. If you prefer you can just call me on 07745 167170, whatever is easiest for you. Also, please let me have your address so that I can send a formal acknowledgement. Thank you again.

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